Tips For Adding That Personal Touch To Your Home

Our homes are our castles. We want them to look nice, withstand the test of time and be functional. In many cases, we may need to do some minor repairs that will require a trip to Rocky Mountain Hardware or another store to get supplies. However, when we add these personal touches our house will shine.


One thing that most people don’t realize is that hardware such as knobs, hinges and things will really allow your space to pop. It is these small touches that no one really considers that will transform a space.


When it comes to lighting small fixtures such as pendants are great because they allow you to add that pop of color and personality you desire. Another way to add flair is with the bulbs themselves. You can go with standard wattages but then change up the style of bulb. One example would be a votive candle like bulb that will give off that warm glow. It is these little things that will ensure your home makes a lasting impression on all of your guests.

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Fresh sealer and gloss

Another thing that you can do is put on a new coat of stain, sealer or gloss. This will add an additional level of shine to your cabinets and drawers. When we walk into a room and the sun is shining and the room just looks nice, we get a warm feeling.

Rugs and accessories

You want to have rugs and different accessories in the room. Cookie jars, flowers and other small touches really make a room pop. You really want to add these personal touches to pull everything together and make your space one you will be happy to hang out in.

Have fun with your creations. The more thought and enjoyment you put into it, the better the results.