How To Get The Best Flavor Out Of Your Sausage

When making sausage we want to make something that melts in our mouth and drives us into wanting more. For me, I like a spicy sausage that gives you a little bit of a kick to the testbeds. My wife, she is more on the mild side. Either way, the sausage seasonings you choose will help take your sausage to the next level.

Start off with good meat

Your sausage can’t be saved by seasoning if you don’t have good meat. If you have an herb grinder or a meat grinder, grind your own meat to start off with. You’ll notice the difference in the taste and quality in ground beef right away if you’ve never done it before.

After grinding your meat, mix it in a bowl with salt & pepper (I like freshly ground black peppercorns for my sausage). Add minced garlic and other spices to your taste as well. I love using crushed red pepper, chili powder, cayenne pepper or a little bit of chipotle powder if you’ve got it.  If you can’t find the chili or chipotle powders locally, try looking online for them at or other online sources.

Add Seasonings

If you are mixing your sausage meat with a lot of water, then you can add more spice without adding more liquid to your mixture. This way you can get the flavor you want without getting a pool of juice in the bottom of your pan during cooking. Also, if you’re using a large amount of water, you can add some chicken broth or beer for taste as well.

sausage seasonings

After you mix together your meat & seasoning, it will be time to determine how you will make your sausage. Will you make patties or go and extrude them into casings?